Karate classes and instruction- organiser Lucian

Jazzercise classes and instruction – organiser Tina Chasse

Western Front Association (Cambridgeshire Branch). Talks and presentation about the Great War meet on 1st Wednesday of each month 7.30pm to 10.00pm.  Open to members and none members.  – organiser Stuart Price

Women’s Institute (Stukeleys Branch). Talks and presentation of interest, meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month 7.30pm to 10.00pm.  Open to members.  – organiser Sheila Stephenson

Craft Club.  Craft club open to the local community to come together, craft and natter  – organiser Carol Buttercase

Community Coffee Morning. Coffee, tea, cake and a natter on the last Wednesday of each month, 10.30 to noon.  Come along and catch up with your neighbours.  – organiser Jan Sly

Tae Kwon Do. Classes and instruction.  – organiser Mark Farnham

Pentecostal Church. Church service to celebrate the Pentecostal Church..  – organiser Ernest Apau

The Stukeleys Heritage Group

We aim to collect and preserve information about the two villages of Great and Little Stukeley and their people. We also aim to gain insight into our local history within our parish and our wider locality through talks and presentations from speakers including from the two villages. Our meetings are open to all, and if you wish to become a member to support the group, membership is just £5 a year.